Saturday, October 21, 2017

Seeking female spankee/partner

I'm looking for a female business partner in the Washington State Puget Sound Area to produce and appear in my adult Spanking / Spanking and Sex videos with me. My and stores have been up for 7 years now. I also have (still under construction) and a store on .
1. Attractive
2. Able to role play
3. Able and willing to receive spanking as a submissive
4. Able to give spankings to female spankees
5. Minimal to no tattoos
6. Willing and able to share administrative duties such as;
a. Interview prospective female spankees
b. knowledgeable in social media posting, i.e; twitter, blogging, Google +
c. General knowledge of Excel
b. Basic skills in video camera set up, lighting, makeup, wardrobe. (At least have desire and ability to learn)
e. Coordinating personnel and locations for shoots
7. Able to view this enterprise as a business but at the same time relax and have fun
The qualifications could go on and on so I've listed just a few. If you are interested please message me through my account or you can email me at I am not interested in volleying back and forth questions and answers through Texting, emails or messages. A few a first is fine but would rather meet in person.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The girls that really, really crave being spanked! Part Two

Izzy contacted me through a kink site and wanted very firm to nonsense discipline because of issues going on in her life.  The girl had a very high tolerance to pain and simply would not mark up.  At the end of very long and hard spankings her bottom would only appear pink.  Compared to the spanking she got it looked like I barely spanked her.

Jamie contacted me through and wanted a father figure/mentor in her life.  At the time she lived in a different state but 6 months later she moved to the Seattle area.  She got around 20 or so spankings on camera and about 40 or so off camera while she was here.  She came in August and in November she was feeling home sick.  Most likely due to the holidays.  She wanted to go back home for a visit and then drive back in February or March but like all things life gets in the way of plans we make and she is still back in her home state.  Perhaps one day she'll be able to follow her dream and move back in the area.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The girls that really, really crave being spanked! Part One

There are girls that do spanking videos with me because they want or need the money.  Their spanking is real and they are being spanked for something they did or shouldn't have done. However, as far as being a "True" submissive who has a craving to be punished through spankings it's just not who they are.

Now the girls who have done spanking videos with me that crave the true punishment through spankings are always easy to tell.  For one thing they tell you right out front ALL the things they should get spanked for and haven't in awhile.

Rose was my first spankee to do videos with.  She loved being spanked.  She loved the feeling of submitting to a spanking that she knew she deserved.  She being taken in hand and put in her place by someone she had surrendered authority to.  She loved having marks on her days after the spanking and she always pushed it during a spanking shoot so her sassiness would get her more spankings.

Ember was my second spankee to do videos with but her attitude was a bit different than Rose.  Ember truly believed that a woman needed a good sound spanking from time to time to keep her on track.  Rose would day dream throughout the week about getting spanked and looked forward to it.  Ember on the other hand would not be looking forward to it but know that it was something she needed to get.

Not long after Rose and Ember came Taylor.  Taylor wanted to not only be spanked and soundly I might add.  She wanted to be dominated and controlled.  Rose, Ember and Taylor had decided that the second they entered my house they were 100% submissive to me.  With Taylor it was not just spanking it was sexual.  She wanted to do things that she hadn't necessarily felt comfortable with before and this was her opportunity to let go and fully submit. There was never a moment when she said, "I've had enough."  She wanted it to be over when I said it was over.

Jenna was my fourth spankee and like the first three craved discipline through spankings.  It didn't matter what I used, my hand, hair brush, cane or paddle she wanted me to punish her anyway I saw fit.  She felt release when she was brought to tears and like the others never asked me to stop.  It was over when I said it was over.

Paula came a few years after the others I've mentioned but I wanted to get to her sooner.  She was one of those girls who I could tell in the first 10 minutes that she was a true submissive and craved spankings.  When I asked her what she felt she needed a spanking for she started running off a list and ended with, "What don't I need a spanking for would be a shorter list."  She had personality, beauty, great body and she could give that look on camera that was totally sincere and totally perfect. 

Rose and her spanked bottom days after


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