Friday, June 25, 2010

The art of spanking

As I surf the internet for storys and pics I discover more and more the art of spanking is slowly fading away. The picture above says so much. For me it's almost the whole story and the story is in my imagination. The pictures that follow the above picture in the photo shoot have to be just as good as this one or it becomes unbelievable. If it's unbelievable then there's no substance to the story and it becomes boring.
Now the photo shoots with Spanking Teen Jessica and Spanking Teen Brandi have always followed a spankher's delight. They're believable and real. Part of the great pleasure with Teen Jessica and Brandi is they can take it. They truly appear to be into the scene. They're not just models.

What many so called professional spanking sites offer now a days are fake posses with models that aren't submissives. As a Spankher the above picture is what a female bottom is for but if the pictures or video are fake then we move on and aren't interested in their product.

It's been my over 30 years of experience that a wife (submissive) needs to be turned over her husband or master's lap everyday.


  1. i would love to get put over my husbands knee everyday

  2. I am a new black stepdaddy, and my new stepdaughter will like this website. Granny who is 65yrs old is all
    for spanking, and after I show this to her, we will be one happy family. Granny is a bigg butt white lady, and she loves giving me a handjob, then spanking my black buttcheeks daily.



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