Sunday, June 20, 2010

Corner Time

For someone such as myself who is into real Domestic Discipline, Corner time is not only a waste of a woman's talents but also like giving a second punishment. I don't believe in punishing twice. The purpose for her bare bottom spanking is to correct her behavior. To have her stand in the corner is simply punishing her twice.

What needs to always happen, as it does with my submissive, is she needs to be trained to thank her Dom for her punishment. This comes in the form of Hand Servicing or Paying attention. A well trained Submission services her Dom in this way because it pleases him and because she receives pleasure in knowing his desires are fulfilled.

He may, as I do, also require her to Pay attention. Paying attention is mostly what my submissives have always preferred doing because in swallowing they are showing their total surrender to my authority and of course found it's the ultimate act in thanking me for their punishment.

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