Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mothers & Daughters

As it should be, in every household, when your 19 year old daughter gets out of hand she should be sent to retrieve the "Brush".  I believe strongly that if her offense is against her mother then it's mom who should be doing the spanking.
If the mother is timid about spanking then I have no problem spanking the mother for the behavior of the daughter.  That teaches mom's that discipline must be maintained.
However, in a well trained domestic situation the daughter knows that she's reached the limit and lost to her higher authority.
She should know that everything comes down so the bare bottom is exposed.
And it should never be a concern as to whether she's embarrassed or too old for that kind of spanking.  The mother knows that's how it has to be because, if she doesn't, when dad comes home both of them will be disciplined that way.
Many daughters try the whimpering routine just before going across the lap but it should never detour from the job at hand.
The job of a mother is to teach her daughter that society shouldn't have to put up with a disobedient and bratty girl.
The brush needs to be applied firmly and with strict rhythm.  It should be an event that the defiant female doesn't want to soon have repeated.
This kind of punishment is also best delivered in an open room in the home and not a secluded area.  The reason is that the point should be made that a spanking can, and will, occur when and wherever it needs to.  The chances of the offender repeating her behavior is greatly reduced when she finds out that her spanking will even occur in the open area of the livingroom with the drapes open and with the possibility dad might walk right in at any moment.
In conclusion, it's always advised when applying the brush that it be on the bare bottom.  The reason is that the brush causes the bottom to redden and bruise easier and faster.  So, when the bottom is bare the spankee knows when the naughty female has learned her lesson.


  1. Very well done.
    But imho the first spanker of girls, whatever age, should be their father.
    Not only for his main authority to which even the Christian wife submits, but as embarassment and shame help to prevent misbehavings even more than a hairbrush.
    Sometimes is enough a long and serious handspanking while being naked from the waist down serving corner time before the corporal punishment (kneeling) and after it (standing).

    1. i think this is an ok punishment,im not christian but there is nothing wrong for a mother to give a correction to the daughter if is it necessary.

    2. I think mainly, if not only the woman should administer the spankings.

  2. Nicely orchestrated and illustrated. I use a similar ritual. The first step is to send her upstairs for an early shower and then change into a short nightgown and lay out the implements for her punishment - paddle and belt. She must stand in the corner and contemplate what is to occur for 15-20 minutes. When I arrive, she bends over and grabs her ankles, taking a wide stance, and counts aloud "One, Thank you, Sir," and so forth. Hard strokes ensure a well blistered bottom. I usually apply 25 to 50 strokes. After the paddling, she props pillows on the bed and elevates her blistered bottom for the strap. I like to administer about 250 lashes until the bare bottom and thighs are bright crimson and quivering and the girl has learned a good lesson.

  3. This is my favorite type of spanking series - a mother and daughter with such a comfortable relationship that the daughter willingly co-operates with her mother in order to receive a spanking she knows will help her.

    I like also that the spanking is moderate, likely to produce a red bottom and perhaps a little crying.

    Does anybody know where I can purchase the original videos and stills?

  4. @ Anonymous May 9th. If you look at the watermark on the stills you'll see the company, web address, that produced the video. I'm sure it's still for sale.

  5. I am a new stepdaddy, and my Granny will like this website. We have a naughty stepdaughter, just out of high school, and she doesn't listen. After I show my new stepmomma, she will give me a hug, and a handjob before
    we spank her stepdaughter.

  6. Decades ago, back when daughters of any age under their parents' roof were subject to parental disciplining, a 19-year-old I'd known since childhood was home from college for the summer. So was I. Only we'd gone to different schools all of our lives and our paths only crossed occasionally at a club to which both of our parents belonged.

    This particular young woman and I met by chance one evening when she was out with her father. One thing led to another and we wound up on an impromptu dinner date. Afterwards we talked about our lives. Then, after a promise to meet again, I took her home.

    Much to my surprise, her obviously perturbed mother met us at the door. I'd seen that look before on my mother's face when she'd told my older sister she needed a good spanking. I may have had some idea where this was headed before my date realized she was probably going to get spanked. I just wasn't sure why until her mother reminded her daughter that she'd promised her father that she'd be home by a certain time. It turned out, my date had forgotten the rules were different at home than they had been on campus. However, as I would find out, there was more to the story.

    After sending her daughter into the house to await her fate, the mother told me that I needed to leave because she need to have a "TALK" with her daughter. Then, with a knowing smile, she added in purely parental jargon, "She's needed one for awhile and this is just as good a time any time to do it!" Her hidden meaning wasn't so much revealed in what the mother said as how she said it.

    As I would find out later, my date's father had threatened to spank her sometime earlier after she talked back to him. Since then, his daughter's unsullied backside had apparently been living on borrowed time.

    Piecing together various conversations over the course of the next few weeks during that summer, the daughter admitted her mother made her start baring herself even before I drove off. It seems the mother lectured her daughter as she watched leave. The mother also told her daughter something to the effect of, "That boy knows you're getting you butt beat, Young Lady; so you might want to remember that the next time you think you can get away with coming home this late!" However, the actual spanking didn't begin until her mother was sure I was gone.

    Although I did not see or hear the spanking that night, I know her mother had spanked her daughter with a hairbrush since she was in her late preteens. I also found out the customary position was the mother seated on the living room couch with her bare bottomed daughter across the her lap Another possible difference that night may have been for my date to "take it like a woman" so as to not wake up her father. Apparently the only reason her father didn't spank her that night was that he was already asleep when his daughter got home!

    During a subsequent conversation, the daughter also admitted that she'd learned as a little girl to not try to protect herself. As the daughter put it, she'd wind up with sore hands as well as a sore bottom! It also turned out that, although she hated getting it, the daughter had known since childhood that she occasionally needed a good hard spanking to straighten her out.

    For what it's worth, I know the most of the intimate details of what happened that night because a couple of years and a few bare bottom spankings over my knee later I married the daughter. Although her mother wasn't thrilled when her daughter said she'd finally been spanked by a boyfriend, her mother respected her daughter's choice.

    Despite my date's embarrassment of having a boy know she was going to get spanked like a bad little girl, the truth was that first evening opened the door to a series of conversations that girl and I might not have otherwise had about how she really felt about being spanked. It simply broke the ice between us as nothing else could have done.

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