Friday, September 24, 2010

Baby sister gets the Brush!

Baby sister has been warned before, too many times, by her older sister that if she didn't start doing what she's supposed to do that she'd get the brush.
Clearly this is how all domestic matters should be handled when dealing with a defiant young lady.
Baby sister gets it in her head every once in awhile that she's too old to be spanked.  However, her older sister still gets her bottom spanked so enough said.
She wants her sister to remember this Over The Knee blistering in more ways than just not being able to sit for a day or two, so off with the cloths.
With her eyes looking down baby sister is starting to think that maybe she should have just done what she was told in the first place.
Cleaning up her mess so others don't have to is something baby sister is going to learn she'd better do from now on or she'll find herself in this position more often.

 That first smack stings but it's nothing compared to what's coming.
 It doesn't take long and this naked 19 year old baby sister is remembering very well what the brush feels like when it's applied by someone with a lot of experience.
The, "I'm sorry!" and "I won't do it again!" are quick to come from this naughty girls lips but older sister doesn't hear her pleas.
 With each thug of the wooden brush baby sister is reminded that when she disobeys, she pays.
Oops, covering the bottom with her hands only upsets her older sister and makes her lap dance last longer.
It's clear that once the legs start kicking in all directions that the spanking is in its FULL intensity.

Sorry, isn't just how baby sister feels, it's total regret and shame.  But the paddling with the brush continues and the legs try to find something besides air to touch.

This is a GOOD spanking.  It's given with a firm hand and by someone who doesn't give in to the crying and pleading that they'll be good from now on.
When administering such a spanking the goal is to finish what was started.  You don't say, "You're going to get a spanking." and then give a few swats. 
Baby sister is going to remember much easier that when she's told to do something, and doesn't, she's going to get spanked.  She'll remember what it was like and most likely do what she's told to avoid this again.
 This is how it's done and done well.
 Now it's done and baby sister's punishment is over.
 A good hug to tell her she's still loved and was a good girl for accepting her spanking.
Now those eyes can't lie.  She's been spanked good and sound and won't forget this paddling for a long time.


  1. 99% of 19 yo need it, sooner or later.
    And if parents can't do it by themselves they can give their authority to an older sister.
    Btw, fair DD is needed also along all their 20s :-)

  2. I say 100% of late teens and even young women before marriage need it.
    The hairbrush is a powerful helper for the upbringing -and dutiful correction- of healthy and happy human beings.

  3. Where is the video for this?

  4. I saw this video a few years ago. I LOVED IT! It was no baby spanking, let me tell you! Her older sister really spanked her. HARD



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