Sunday, September 19, 2010

Everyone has a Story

I've been into spanking for as long as I can remember.  However, it wasn't until I was 25 that I discovered there were others like me.  It was in 1984 when I stopped into a small adult book store which had 8mm (no sound) video booths.  I walked into the video booth area, looked on each door as to what was being played for 25 cents and discovered a spanking video in one of them.  The scene was of a 18 or 19 year old girl reading a dirty mag with her father catching her fingering herself.  She had on a plaid skirt of course and he pulled her up from the floor, put her across his lap, raised her skirt, lowered her panties and started giving her a good sound spanking.  This picture isn't that first movie but it's similar to the grain and quality.
A short time later I went to a much larger adult book store looking for more spanking material or 8mm movies.  To my relief and amazement I found about 4 different spanking magazines.  The first ones I bought were Blushes, Janus, Kane and the like.
Most, if not all, had cute girls with nice bottoms but it was easy to tell the pictures were staged.  At first that was alright but I began to wonder if there was better more realistic material out there.  I could really only find a few photos from a scene of them in those magazines that captured the real feel.
Then one day I found myself back at the store and discovered a new magazine.  It wasn't so much a magazine it was a catalog and it was from a company called Nu-west.  The pictures they had were without a doubt real pictures, that is pictures with naughty real women getting their bottoms tanned who were not really models.  It was around 1988 or so that I ordered my first VHS tape from them.  Back then VHS players were expensive and you couldn't really buy any movies yet you could only rent them.  Of course VHS rental places rented main stream movies or had an adult section that was always just Fuck me tapes and nothing in the line of spanking.
Eve Howard                                        Peaches

Kyrie Kelly
My first videos were in the Spanked Females series and my favorite girls were Eve Howard, Peaches and Kyrie Kelly.  It wasn't that they were getting very real spankings but it was their look.  It was a look that seemed to say I need and deserve this spanking but my gosh it stings.  We all know were Eve Howard is today but Peaches has left the scene and eventually so did Kyrie Kelly.  For me, Eve Howard did a few videos through Shadowlane that I liked but then retired as a model.
Eve had that look, the way she even gripped her hands on the chair made her special.
Kyrie could give that look that no one else could.  It was provocative and innocent at the same time.
After Eve, Peaches and Kyrie left the scene it didn't seem like there were any new girls that did it for me until Jessica and Brandi came along.  Oh Nu-West continued to make good spanking videos and I did like Katie.  In fact Katie also got spanked and gave head which I liked very much but when I saw my first Spanking Teen Jessica and Brandi video clips I had to get a subscription to both sites.  For me, their best stuff is from 2001 through 2005 and there's a lot of them.
Then I started noticing Real Life Spanking.  Simpa and Julie, like Eve Howard, Kyrie, Peaches, Jessica and Brandi not only had perfect bottoms but showed in their faces what I was looking for from a naughty girl.  Plus, like the others they had real tears and gave that sincere feeling and look.

Many new girls that come into the scene today have ungodly tattoos that just don't do it for me.  The tattoos, I feel, take away from the innocence of the girls or women being spanked.  Teen Jessica has had a tattoo on the back of her shoulder that doesn't stand out enough for me to care about but many models have gone too far for me.  Well that's my story about spanking and I believe strongly that every woman over the age of 18 should proudly submit to a good bare bottom spanking when they need and desire it. 

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