Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Good Brushing

It should be an everyday occurrence to see a sassy young lady being lead to where her naughty behavior will be properly dealt with by a parent.
As a society our attitude should be you're never to old to be spanked.
This young lady knows far too well what's going to happen and more importantly knows she deserves it.
As I've stated before, when using the brush, the bottom must be exposed.
She knows to get them down and get them down fast or her mother will give her more swats for hesitating.
In this case they don't have to come all the way off, just down.
Like many private stables in New York there's work to be done so this young lady's mother wants to get down to business and get her daughter back to her chores.
Now using a solid Oak brush it's time for this mother to apply some parental guidance to her daughter's tight round little bottom.
It's good to see each stroke of the brush causes the feet to lift like a prize mare at a show.
This young pony has yet to be mounted by a prize Stallion and her mother is going to make sure she's taught obedience before that steed comes along.
There should be nothing more embarrassing for parents than to have a spoiled brat of a daughter who hasn't been taught her place.
Her mother is going to make sure that her future son-in-law is going to get a well bread, obedient and properly raised wife.
This young lady's blistering is also done fully exposed.  Anyone walking by is able to hear and see what's going on so there's no secret.  Father, brother, sister or helping hand knows what happens to naughty bottoms in this family.
Her sister can see what would happen if she's defiant and her brother can see what his duty is when he takes a wife.
It's easy to see in the face of this young girl's mother that she'll take no defiant behavior from this sassy girl.
With each stroke of the brush the daughters feet lift off the ground as though they were saying, "Yes that stings."
The last few are the hardest so as to drive home the point.
Finally, she's released from her position, told to get dressed and finish her chores without complaining.
Another fine job completed by a mother who, herself, gets the same brush from her daughter's father when she needs it.


  1. Nice story.

  2. will done, the pictures along with the commits, get the story over very will!

  3. Serious mothers are badly needed by daughters of any age

  4. Bill Tomlin, this video is from Nu-West Videos.



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