Sunday, October 17, 2010

Breaking the Rules and having Choices

I have found rules to be important.  Without rules a person can't learn boundaries. If we didn't have boundaries everyone would do what they wanted and that leads to a selfish generation doing for themselves rather than for others.
One of the rules this young lady broke was to keep up with the laundry.  A simple rule with simple consequences.  When you don't do your part, and break a rule, then a spanking is in order to teach that boundaries can't be crossed.  But, when rules are broken there are also choices the rule breaker has regarding the severity of the spanking.
Sometimes a submissive simply wants her bottom tanned and intentionally breaks a rule, or rules, to get what she wants.  In this case what she wanted was to be stripped naked, have her bottom reddened and then thank me for her spanking.
I've discovered it's a clever way of getting what she wants sexually without being forward about it.
Now the exciting part in this case is she's getting her fully naked spanking in the living room.  Which, at any time, someone could walk into the house and it may be totally embarrassing for both the one being spanked and the one entering.

By this time she's beginning to re-think that she should have done the laundry.   But she's also realizing that her place is to submit to what's coming until it is finished to the satisfaction of the one doing the spanking.

Once the tears begin to sincerely fall the lesson for breaking a rule has been dealt with and now the resting period before she's down on her knees thanking me for her spanking.

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