Saturday, October 2, 2010

Searching for Submissives!

My wife and I are fans of sites such as and others that show videos of real people in real life situations so we've decided to start filming her spankings and the spankings of her adult daughter who needs one from time to time.  However, we've agreed we would like a variety of adult females to participate in our Family Spanking videos so if you're a submissive, or know of one who may be interested send us an email.  You can find our email and other info by clicking my "view my complete profile" and it's that easy.

We are located in the surrounding Seattle area and are perfectly willing to keep your identity from being disclosed by not filming your face.  We don't plan on filming our faces so why should we expect you to have yours filmed, unless you're okay with that.

Proof of age and all that must, and will, be required and you must truly be a Submissive and not a model who wants to pick up some extra money from filming.

If this is something you want to view and keep up to date on a a viewer please let us know by clicking the "cool" button in the reactions column.

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