Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Don't lie to Daddy

When your 19 year old daughter says she's sick but you know she isn't here's what you do.
Take her into the bathroom and have her drop her skirt and panties.
In this case you find that after dropping her skirt she has no panties on so guess what?  She's in for a spanking before you even find out she's lying about being sick.
Have her knell on the toilet seat and take her temperature.  After finding out she's not sick she's now in for a spanking because she lied and because she wasn't dress appropriately. 
So, in the bathroom, were the sound is quite reverberating, put her across your lap and begin her punishment.

She will soon discover lying to you was just not worth it.
As tears flow and her bottom reddens the point begins to sink in.

It doesn't take long and she's bawling because her bottom is beginning to flame.  In her mind she's also thinking that for the rest of the school day she's going to need to sit down very carefully.

As the palm of your hand smacks each check toward the end of her long ordeal she begins to beg that she'll never again lie to you.  Of course you know she will but you also know that at this moment she means what she's trying to say as she bawls.

When you're satisfied she's learned her lesson stand her in the shower facing the corner so she can better hear her crying.

I think this young lady has learned her lesson today.

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  1. I am rewriting this since I made a mistake the first time, which is why I removed it. I totally agree if they say they are sick, and you have any reason to think they are lying, then the best way to check is to take their temperature rectally. If they are lying, then they very well may have drank something hot before lying to you so that taking their temp. orally will show a false high temp. Rectally is by far the most reliable way to take their temp. and if they are lying then a good hard bare bottoms spanking is needed and called for just as you did. Good job Dad!




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