Thursday, November 25, 2010

Spanksgiving Thanksgiving

Every family has a tradition of some sort.  Ours, for Thanksgiving, is to put up the tree Thanksgiving morning.  However, one tradition seems to always be the lack of help our daughter gives her mother.  Never let it be said that a daughter's bottom won't find itself bare and across her mothers knees.

Of course the taping of such an event is a given to let her know she's never too old for a spanking.

I was just let in on a secret that my wife believes her daughter likes to be spanked.  That has to be why she acts out all the time.

Perhaps if she didn't get a spanking for pouting when fixing the Thanksgiving dinner she wouldn't feel loved?

Perhaps having a very warm bottom throughout the day makes her feel good?

My wife is fairly sure that to be spanked as much as she does it's more than just being naughty.

After all my wife has, on more than one auction, received a bottom blistering spanking from me and enjoyed it.

We should probably make it a tradition to give her a spanking after she wakes up every Thanksgiving and Christmas just to get it over with.

I'm sure by now our daughter is having second thoughts about acting up!
No doubt by the end of our Thanksgiving day my wife will have received a good one too.

Perhaps they will both be thankful they have someone to discipline them when they need it?

What ever the case it's a sure thing that bottoms tend to burn from Thanksgiving to New Years Eve.

Promising to be good for her mother, after being told the next spanking would come from me, my wife ends the spanking.

A nice roasted bottom will now linger throughout the day.
I think she did a fine job.

Bottoms are for sitting and spanking.


  1. After all, red is a Christmas color. A determined spanker is something all spankees should fear

  2. A young woman once confessed that she asked both her mother and her aunt for spankings when she felt she needed them. According to her, both older women seemed to understand her desire to be disciplined. More than anything else, she said, going over their laps knowing she was going to be spanked made her feel secure. What came after that, she confessed, just seemed natural. After it was over, she just felt better.



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