Sunday, December 26, 2010

Personal Fetish Sites for meeting others

I belong to a few sites where like minded people can find other people in their area to get involved in a long term relationship or just get together a few times.  Unfortunately, everyone of these sites has people who are into things I can't relate to.
When I've attended social get-togethers they're always put on by people in the BDSM community.  I'm not knocking them, I'm just not into that.  The subs walk around mostly naked with collars and want to be tied, tortured and whipped.  I'm looking for a community where like minded people, like myself, are into spanking.  Isn't anyone into spanking anymore?

I would love to meet people who would enjoy getting together for an evening of card playing or watching a movie.  It would be a very casual and normal thing to do with one thing different.  We all share the same philosophy of spanking.  Instead, as a spanker, I go to these communities on line where all the subs seem to be into getting whipped, pissed on, flogged, tied up and humiliated.  
Anyway, I guess I just wanted to vent.  The Seattle area seems to be filled with people into a lot of things but few of them are into just a good old fashion spanking.
I find it very arousing to find my wife in the kitchen with an apron on and in need of a spanking because she didn't get the coffee going.  What's more arousing is her submitting to that because she realizes she should have done that but didn't, or perhaps intentionally disobeyed.  She either wants a spanking or she accepts it because she knows she deserves one and wants it.
I find it damn arousing to walk up to my wife, girlfriend or submissive in a store and whisper in her ear, "You're getting your naughty bottom spanked when we get home.  I told you to not take all day in this store!"  Or something to that effect.  Trust me, I've had to do it many, many times and it's still arousing.  Anyway, that's my venting for now.  If you have any comments let me know.  Oh, and if you live in the Seattle Tacoma area and you're a sub with the same view I want to hear from you.

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