Friday, December 31, 2010

The Woodshed part 1

The Woodshed has always been a favorite for me.  Just the thought of marching a naughty submissive to the Woodshed is the ultimate scene.  First she's been told to go to her room and think about what she's done.
It doesn't take long and her attention turns to what's outside.
The dreaded moment arrives when now she's being scolded for what she's done, or hasn't done.
Then she's told what she didn't want to hear.  It's out to the Woodshed where the possibility of a neighbor walking by might hear her punishment in progress.
Like the time Mrs. Thompson was out walking her dog and heard the hair brush being soundly applied and then later commenting on her just spanking and that it should have been longer.
But now it's down the hall with no chance of escaping.
Down the stairs and being handled to make sure her legs don't buckle with her knees to the floor begging to take her punishment inside.
Now it's outside with the hope there are no neighbors just happening to glance at what will be going on.
The shed was built to hold basic tools for gardening but it's main purpose was a place for naughty girls to get there bottoms spanked.
Second thoughts are always going through her mind but it's too late.
It takes little force to keep her on course with her destiny.
"It's such a nice day out, surely there will be neighbors outside able to hear her spanking!" she thinks to herself.
Now she's told to get herself ready for her punishment and that it will start upon his return.

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