Thursday, December 29, 2011

Those who have left us in 2011

Comic book artist Joe Simon, who created Captain America with the late Jack Kirby, died at age 98 on Dec. 14, 2011 

Actor Harry Morgan, known for portraying Colonel Sherman T. Potter in "M*A*S*H" and Detective Bill Gannon in "Dragnet," died at the age of 96 on Dec. 7, 2011.  

 "The Family Circus" creator Bil Keane, whose kid-friendly comic strip gave readers a funny version of his own life at home and became one of the most widely syndicated cartoon panels in the world, has died at age 89. 

 Former heavyweight World boxing champion Joe Frazier died in Philadelphia a month after being diagnosed with liver cancer. He died at the age of 67 years old on Monday, Nov. 7. 

 Steve Jobs shows off the new Macbook Air ultra portable laptop during his keynote speech at the MacWorld Conference & Expo in San Francisco.

 Dolores Hope, who throughout her 69-year marriage to comedian Bob Hope oversaw their charitable giving and played a key role in establishing the Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, died at her home in Toluca Lake. She was 102. 

 Cliff Robertson, who starred as John F. Kennedy in a 1963 World War II drama and later won an Academy Award for his role in "Charly," died on Sept. 10, one day after his 88th birthday. 

 Television genius, Sherwood Schwartz, the man who created "The Brady Bunch" and "Gilligan's Island", died at the age of 94. (Reuters) 

 'Columbo' actor Peter Falk died June 23. Falk won four Emmys for his portrayal of the detective sporting his signature overcoat. He also received two Academy Award nominations during his long acting career. Falk was 83. 

 Actor James Arness died June 3, 2011. At 6' 7", he towered over his co-stars on the show "Gunsmoke" where he played Marshal Matt Dillon for 20 years. Arness was 83. 

"Grease" and "Taxi" actor Jeff Conaway died on May 27 in Encino, California. He was 60. 

  Jackie Cooper, who came to prominence as a child star in the 1930s and went on to develop a long career as a director and character actor, died on May 3 in Beverly Hills. He was 88. 

 Michael Sarrazin, a tall, dark-eyed Canadian actor who starred opposite Jane Fonda in Sydney Pollack's 1969 film "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?", died of cancer on April 17 at a Montreal hospital. He was 70. 

 American Film Institute "Female Legend" and three-time Academy Award-winning actress Elizabeth Taylor died March 23. She was 79. 

 British actor Michael Gough, probably most well known for his role as butler Alfred Pennyworth in the Batman movies of the late '80s and early '90s, died on March 17. He was 94. 

In this August 1978 file photo, CBS News producer and correspondent Andrew Rooney poses for photos in his New York office. Former "60 Minutes" commentator Andy Rooney died on November 5, 2011, about six weeks after retiring, at age 92.

This Nov.8,2006, file photo supplied by Warner Home Video shows actress Anne Francis posing with Robby the Robot at a screening to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the film, "Forbidden Planet," in Los Angeles. Francis, who was the love interest in the 1950s science-fiction classic "Forbidden Planet" and later was sexy private eye Honey West" on TV, died on January 3, 2011. She was 80.

Gerry Rafferty, the Scottish singer-songwriter behind hit songs "Baker Street" and "Stuck in the Middle With You," died on January 4, 2011. He was 63.

This file photo taken May 9, 1996, on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles actor and director David Nelson poses with his grandson Michael Woolery and family friend Ashley Holt as he is honored with the 2,065th star. Nelson, who starred on his parents' popular television show, "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet " died in Los Angeles Monday. He was 74.

Physical fitness expert Jack LaLanne strikes a characteristic pose as he takes the first official step on his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and his 88th birthday. LaLanne passed away at the age 96 on January 23, 2011 from respiratory failure due to pneumonia.

In this 1968 film publicity image originally released by Embassy Pictures, Kenneth Mars portrays a Hitler-worshipping playwright in a scene from "The Producers." Mars died Saturday, Feb. 12, 2011, of pancreatic cancer at his home in Grenada Hills, Calif. He was 75.

In this April 25, 2005 file photo, actress Jane Russell arrives for the premiere of "XXX: State of the Union," in the Westwood section of Los Angeles. A family member on Monday, Feb. 28, 2011 said Russell, stunning star of 1940s and 1950s films, has died at age 89.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Loving Dominant or Sadistic Narcissist!

The world is filled with all kinds of people, many of them are "Do undo others as they would have others do unto them".  Unfortunately there are also people who have the attitude, "Do unto others before they get a chance to do it to you."  So much goes into who we were, are and will end up being in our lives.  

I've observed a man and his wife in a store buying groceries and it's clear she is subservient to his every wish but certainly not in any good way.  I've watched as she tries to please him with picking out fruit or vegetables, meat and bread.  You can see that what she does is never good enough or right to him.  She lives in a constant state of fear.  I've wondered, "If it's like that now, what's it like at home and do they have kids who work at pleasing him too?"  I call him, or that kind of personality the "Sadistic Narcissist".
Whether he's a Spanker or into BDSM, or just plain Vanilla, he's the kind of guy that gives the rest of us men a bad name.  The world revolves around him and when it doesn't he gets upset and strikes out.  When you have a Spanker or BDSM'er who is the "Sadistic Narcissist" it's got to be worse.  I've met that kind of Spanker.  He's a Spanker because that's how he "thinks" he controls his anger.  But it's not just anger it's that HE comes first.  Everything is about pleasing him for the sake of pleasing him.  He believes he's more worthy than anyone else and deserves first and foremost attention.  In reality he's more of a child and insecure than anything.  But when that child gets angry watch out.

Look for the signs, if you're a submissive seeking a Dominant.  A Loving Dominant spanks to correct a behavior the submissive has and wants corrected.  The SN (Sadistic Narcissist) spanks or hits because anything you do could set him off.  A Loving Dominant lets you know what you could and would get spanked for and the SN loves to keep you guessing.  The Loving Dominant isn't lurking around every corner to find an excuse to abuse.  A Loving Dominant doesn't abuse.  

I suppose the list of Does and Don'ts can go on and on.  The fact too is that many people who aren't Spankers would say spanking is abusive.  For me and my household spanking isn't abusive and never will be.

Monday, December 26, 2011

My Christmas Gift!

This Christmas was a very good Christmas for my household.  I've had steady work in the industry I work in for the last 4 months compared to last year there was no work.  The best gifts for us this year have been that we've been able to pay the bills on time.

Christmas dinner was great and I took a pretty long nap too.  I woke up to hear the girls playing the new Wii game and that was a nice sound to wake up to.
I'm sure I speak for all Americans when I say my hope for next year is a much improved economy.  They've been calling this the Great Recession but I don't at all see what was so great about it.  Seriously, I do hope this next year is better for everyone.

So my gift for Christmas this year was laughter and joy and the company of loved ones.  I hope yours was a good or better.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas day is almost here.
With family and presents and good Christmas cheer.

The tree is all trimmed and the stockings are hung.
With Carolers gathering so songs can be sung.

Tomorrow we'll feast on the turkey and ham.
With stuffing and tatters and muffins and jam.

Tonight we will wrap all the presents assigned.
With joy in our hearts and Christ on our mind.

We find ourselves joyful and thankful this day.
With all we've been given we cannot repay.

So from all of us here at Spank Her 4 Real.
We wish you Merry Christmas and a Spanking New Year!

From Ron, Rose, Ember and the Rest! 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Vintage Spanking Clip

Here's a vintage spanking clip I stumbled across.  It's interesting to say the least. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Very Effective Position!


My girls cringe when they here me say, "Get in the diaper position".  The first time I told Nichole to get in that position she was hesitant because it was her first time.  Her reaction was quite priceless and caught on camera too.
Ember's first time was caught on camera too.  The legs went up without a thought and once the first smack came down she wanted her legs down too.


It was easy to tell it was Taylor's first time as well.  Her eyes teared up immediately as she gripped the bed cover to bear each blow.


The first time for Rose produced a "Holy Shit".  Each of the girls got into their positions and stayed there until I was finished spanking their naughty bottoms.  It really is one of the most effective ways to grab their attention!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I give two kinds of spankings.

I give two kinds of spankings, generally.  One is the sound and hard spanking from beginning to end.  The other is more of a warm up spanking and ends sound and hard.  My wife like neither of them but accepts which ever spanking I'm going to give her.

Because her spanking are real she doesn't like to be told at noon, from a text when I'm at work, that she's going to get a spanking when I get home.  She gets filled with anxiety and thinks about it so much that she can't get anything else done.  

It's best that when I wake up in the morning, around 3:30 to get ready for work, and see she failed to do something she was told to do that I wait until I get home.  She wants her spanking fairly quick after she's been told that one is due.  A big part of it is that she feels she's disappointed me and doesn't want to feel that for very long.  If she's told early in the morning that a spanking is due when I get home then that disappointment and anxiety is terrible.

Her spankings are great therapy because once she gets spanked for something, she usually does really well to not repeat what she did or failed to do. 

After her spanking is over she is very quick to wrap her arms around my neck and hug me tight.  I would imagine those who don't understand Domestic Discipline at all would be more inclined to leap of my lap and run.  But then they wouldn't have gotten across my lap to begin with and I certainly wouldn't have put them there.

Redbottomed Redhead: Laundry Lapsed!

Spanking is good for adjusting my wife's attitude and actions!

Redbottomed Redhead: Laundry Lapsed!: I sometimes get distracted and lack the necessary follow-through on basic household chores. My husband has given me reminders when I have w...

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sometimes you just have to Spank!

Most times I give a warning that a spanking is near if certain things aren't done or don't happen.  I had just given that warning last weekend and today, Monday, I find that the same thing I gave a warning about is still not being done.  So today, in a little while it's spanking time.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I have a RULE!  I never have a rule that I couldn't follow myself.  In other words if I can't take a dish, or glass, from the living room to the kitchen sink, then I shouldn't make a rule that everyone else must, including mine and if they don't they get spanked.

No one wants to go around on pins and needles wondering if this or that will get them spanked.  No one should have to follow a rule that, for the most part, can't be followed.  If I told my wife, "You're to never go to bed without having dusted every piece of furniture in the house," that would be ridiculous.  That would be me looking for every chance to spank her kind of rule.

The reality is, and she would agree, I don't have to look hard at all to find a reasonable chance and reason to spank her.  

As I look around, especially this time of year, in malls and grocery stores I see one logical reason after another to spank women, and funny thing is, so does my wife.  She will even point out women with spankable bottoms if I don't see them first.  Or make a comment about how that woman's bottom should be blistered for acting this way or that way.  A lot of times all we have to do is look at each other after witnessing a woman in need of a good spanking and we know just what we're both thinking.

Friday, December 16, 2011

I spank my wife: My Story

I spank my wife: My Story: The first time I was married was in 1976 and I was 18 years old, she was 17. We didn't have to get married and looking back now we sho...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bondage Videos

I would be the last to say that some Kinky things shouldn't be done.  But for me, BDSM, Bondage and other kinks other than spanking just aren't for me.  I bring this up because we get emails asking when and if we're going to do Bondage or BDSM clips.  For me they don't fall into the Domestic Discipline genre.  I couldn't see, shouldn't see and don't want to see a Dad spanking is daughter while she's bound and gagged.  Same as spanking my wife.

BDSM has its release and fun for those who enjoy it but as for watching it, for me, it's not my cup of tea.  I guess it's because it's in a way, set up.  But mostly it's because it doesn't do a thing for me.  The only time I've enjoyed watching it was when "Kyrie Kelly" started doing them and it was only because of her.  I liked her and I simply wanted a complete collection of all her vids.  I probably watched the BDSM ones once, maybe twice, and haven't really seen them since.
Spanked Hitch Hiker

I always prefer the OTK type of spanking Kyrie received because of her lovely bottom and squirming style.

Spanked Hitch Hiker
The scenes where some odd things were used to strap her down and all may have been creative but for me too set up and staged.  But again that's just me.

I'm more interested in filming and viewing spanking videos where the spankee is sent to her room to get ready for a spanking and not go to your room and get ready to be strapped in and bound.  In a true and real sense I'm interested in the true to life and what really happens.

Now to all the BDSM'ers out there.  Don't write in with comments that I'm against BDSM and think it's strange or something.  I'm just saying I'm a more Spanking purest and not into BDSM.  If BDSM is your thing then go for it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Nichole Breaks Her Diet!

 Nichole is serious about dropping some weight so she'll do what it takes to shed the pounds. 

She agreed to stay on a strike diet and NOT to raid the kitchen for food before bedtime.

However, this time she sneaks into the kitchen and is caught but learns that it would have been better to just stick to her diet. 

Implement(s): Hand
Position(s): OTK, Standing bent over,
Time/Price: 7 min / $7.99
Purchase Clip only at: Clips4Sale and SpankingLibrary

Saturday, December 10, 2011

To Spank or Not to Spank

Friday morning I left for work with a picture of the living room in my head.  Later, after getting to work I realized I wanted to discuss the living room situation with my household so that it was clear to everyone that empty glasses, opened and read mail, shoes, etc, were picked up every night.  That way I, and everyone else, comes out to a relatively clean living room in the morning.

I later texted my wife to tell her I wanted to talk about the living room when I got home.  It is her responsibility to keep the house in order but others should be putting things away that they use or bring out and not use her as a maid.  So I simply wanted to make that clear.  You bring something into the living room to use, take it away when you're done.  I then received a  text back from her saying, "Does talking about the living room mean OTK?"

She revealed at least on thing when she sent her text to me and that was that she was aware the living room needed attention.  I must say I liked the idea that she thought she was in for a spanking because of the mess in the living room, however, the mess in the living room was caused by others simply not putting their things away so she did not have a spanking coming.  I simply wanted to talk with everyone and I suppose, give warning, that they need to put their things away or there would be some OTK happening when they don't.

So, we get that settled, that I just want to talk and not spank about the living room and no sooner do I get a text saying that she has run out of gas.  Now, here's the thing.  She shouldn't have run out of gas because the vehicle she ran out of gas in wasn't suppose to leave the driveway.  But, because she was running late, she decided that driving just a few miles wouldn't be a big deal.  Apparently, just as she drove into the parking lot it staled and she ran out of gas right then and there.

When I get home from work I'm pretty beat.  My drive home takes about 45 minutes and by the time I peal myself out of the car my body wants to do nothing but shower and rest.  So when it happens that I have to come home, grab a gas can, drive to the gas station and then put gas in a vehicle that shouldn't be where it is when I'm putting gas in it, then I get a tad upset.

You could see it on her face the entire time too.  The question of "Am I going to get spanked here in the parking lot or at home?"  And the "All's well that ends well" stuff that she came up with was priceless too.  By the time it was all over and I drove it back to the driveway of our home I could only think about how much I loved her and that all I would really do was give her a warning that, "Next time I say don't drive the vehicle, don't drive it or your bottom gets blistered."  Now you have to picture that when I said this she was over my lap with her pants still on wondering when they would be coming down and how hard and long the spanking would be.  Instead she gave her uncontrollable nervous giggle of relief after finding out there wasn't going to be a spanking and gave me a huge hug instead.

So I went through all that to tell you that sometimes "Not Spanking" is just as effective as "Spanking".  That's my perspective and I'm sticking to it!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Redbottomed Redhead: Crossing the Line

Redbottomed Redhead: Crossing the Line: I was in court yesterday and heard testimony from a father about a spanking he gave his daughter.  It surprised me that he was reading from ...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Spank Her 4 Real DVD's

Our newest DVD is priced for Christmas.  It's our Spank Her 4 Real Preview #1 DVD and contains 31 preview clips.  That's all of our clips to date and this DVD is packed with a few Demo clips not shown on

Our viewers on Spankingtube give our demo clips some of the highest ratings and of course wonderful reviews and input.  

This DVD is a real fun way to view all of our clips to date and see which full versions you'll want for the Holidays.  This DVD has a special price of $15.99 for the month of December only.

Our DVD's are only available through our Videos4Sale store.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Nichole's behavior is improving

What a difference a spanking, or two, makes.  Nichole first came to me wanting to be trained, and frankly, didn't know all of what that entailed.  For the most part, like other girls her age, she's a pretty good girl.  However, like most girls her age, she needs instruction and guidance that she didn't get at home.

Many girls her age feel that if they bat their eyes and wiggle their bottoms they can pretty much get what they want.  That's generally true for boys but when it comes to men she has a lot to learn.

Nichole has gotten a lot better at just doing and not asking "why".  She's found that asking the "why" gets her bottom extra sore.

She's now gotten to the stage of her training where she realizes that if she confesses first her spanking is much lighter than it would be if she was caught.

Still, the spanking must sting in order to correct her behavior and so far I've only used the palm of my hand to get the point across.

I do like a variety of positions.

And I always like to leave the bottom a nice red.

It does make it hard to sit afterward but then I'm not the one sitting.

A few stills from Nichole's Confession.


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