Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Woodshed Part 2

All along she begins to think maybe she'll slip out of the shed and backyard unnoticed.  But that thought soon goes away when she remembers what happened the first and last time she did that.
With the light smell of gasoline and grass trimmings lingering in the air she begins to unsnap the button to her shorts as she recalls the last time she was in the shed.
In fact it was just a few days earlier when she went in, closed the door and removed all of her cloths.  She wasn't there to be punished but instead she was there to remember the last spanking in that shed.  She left the door open just a crack as she assumed the position and then fingered herself to climax as she recalled each swat to her naughty bottom.
She was hoping then, ever so slightly, that she'd be caught and punished right then and there.  Now here she was back again but this time for real.
With the door open for everyone at the house to see she turns to find out if anyone is watching.
She becomes more and more nervous as the minutes tick by knowing that if she's not ready by the time he gets back it will be worse for her.
Well, down and off with the panties to assume the position she knows she's to be in upon his return.
As she gazes out the side window of the shed she looks to see if Mrs. Taylor is out on her porch having tea.  The last thing she needs to hear again from widow Taylor is how she was taken to the woodshed as a girl and later by her husband, and that she's glad to see the custom hasn't been lost for naughty girls today.
Oh my,..she can hear the gate open to the backyard!  It's about to begin any moment now.

1 comment:

  1. I love the idea of her masturbating to the memory of her spanking. I think it is fine if a well deserved and painful spanking eventually leads to some pleasure for the naughty young lady. It will help her better accept well deserved discipline. However, she should get extra discipline for wearing that thong!



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