Wednesday, February 16, 2011

No Alcohol In The House part 2

Now without any protection the spanking really begins.  When teaching a daughter to obey the rules it's important to get the message across.
As the palm of my hand comes down on each check her mother stands there very glad her daughter is being dealt with properly.
Rose pleads and tries protecting the target area with her hand but of course is unsuccessful.  This mistake on her part only causes the spanking to get worse.
Now my goal is for the color of her bottom to match her T-shirt.
See is a good daughter though.  She knows it's best, for the most part, not to struggle to hard and just wait it out so to speak.  Every spanking ends and the less she fights it the less time she'll be over my lap.
Her mother stopped as I was getting warmed up and suggested lotion be applied.  That was unexpected for me.
Now with lotion on I could tell just how blistered this young lady was getting.  There was more business to get down to so the spanking continued.
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