Monday, February 7, 2011

Spank Her 4 Real Videos coming soon

What if you could witness true life spankings that happen in a spanking household.  Stay tuned for videos of true life spankings of an adult daughter whose sassy bottom gets just what it deserves.  She tried living on her own while attending college but had to move back home.

Her father and mother weren't thrilled about the idea so  they made the condition, as a way to discourage her from moving back home, that if she moved back in but didn't obey the rules she'd get spanked if she was disobedient.

Hidden cameras are in place throughout the house to catch the moment as it happens without any staging.  Originally the cameras were set up for mom's occasional spanking but now they capture much more.  Check in with site from time to time for our first video "No Alcohol In The House"

What do you think an early twenties daughter should be spanked for?  How long and hard and with what kind of implements?

1 comment:

  1. I do believe that early or late 20s, never left or back home, a young woman needs fair, effective, frequent spanking in the context of loving DD. Strating with her father.
    Scolding, kneeling corner time, handspanking, standing cornertime, hairbrush or belt or carper beater... everything as much as deserved and needed.
    Finally, after real repentance of misbehavior, hugs, kisses and comfort to be forgiven as the punishment isn't given to a bad girl but only to a bad behavior.
    Imho, much needed until marriage day!



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