Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Woodshed Part 3

As he enters the Woodshed she can hear the wood floor creak with every step he takes toward her exposed bottom.  In her position of punishment she's unaware Mrs. Taylor has been invited to witness her bottom turn from a soft white to a rosy red blush.
It takes no time at all for his palm to begin its dance on her two firm orbs.
First, one side and then the other as she lets out a whimper with each smack.  From her experience she can tell this spanking is going to take some time.
Unaware of Mrs. Taylor's presence she begins her pleas for the spanking to end soon after it's just begun.
So soon into the spanking this causes each landing of the palm to sting just a bit more than the last.
Mrs. Taylor moves to the side window of the Woodshed for a closer look but the old windowpane obstructs the spanking more than it reveals.
Back at the front door she can clearly see the young girls bottom is beginning to turn the same shade as her shirt.
A lawn chair was provided so Mrs. Taylor sits down to get a more comfortable view of this Woodshed lesson.
With her bottom beginning to sting she makes the mistake of reaching back with the hope her spanking will stop.  How soon they forget that by doing that it only causes the spanking to continue longer and most times with more severity.


  1. I love the idea of wood sheds being used for discipline. Every home should have one, and they should be used for the administration of spankings. And the spankings should be witnessed by the neighbors, like Mrs. Taylor. Humiliation is an important part of discipline.

  2. Yes, a naughty woman's visit to the woodshed, should be a painful one. Yes a good spanking for this erring lady is a must, and should be applied to her naked rear end with vim and vigor by her ever loving husband.



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