Sunday, March 13, 2011

Disrespectful Brat Ember

Ember’s dad told her he’d think seriously about quitting smoking. She took it that he promised her he would quit. She made the mistake, while picking dad up from work, to say things to his co-workers about his smoking and before she knew it they began ribbing him when he came into the break room. 
He pretended to take their kidding him like it was funny too and went along but inside he wanted to turn Ember over his knee, bare her bottom and blister her backside for embarrassing him like that. She could easily tell by the exchange between her daddy and the others that he was, to say the least, agitated. As they drove home she got a scolding that she hadn’t heard from him in years and was told if she uttered a single word she wouldn’t be sitting for a week. 

1 comment:

  1. *gulps* The whole time I watched that video I was thinking how I have a spanking coming up like that from my Daddy soon, but only my Daddy is going to tan my bottom for my provoking and lying to him the last few months :(



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