Friday, March 4, 2011

Spanking naughty bottoms

It truly is my firm belief that most women want their bottoms spanked, and firmly, because of their desire to submit completely to their man.  Their man can be a boyfriend, father or father figure, husband and so on but I see that in the end they desire to submit.

Even young girls age 20 for example desire to submit even though they don't understand the concept of getting their bottoms spanked when they don't submit.  I have noticed that desire from a young girl, age 20, who has a desire to do as she's told because her desire is to submit, even though she doesn't receive, or hasn't received, a spankings from me.  She indeed knows that I spank and perhaps questions whether I would put her across my knee.  I can see on a day to day basis that she doesn't want to find out if I will spank her so she obeys the rules and hasn't found out what it's like to not be able to sit for awhile after one of my spankings.

Sure, there are a few women who don't have that desire to submit.  In fact they desire to dominate rather than submit.  For them that's who they are.  I've talked, and spanked, a few submissives in my day and I find their personalities to be similar in some respects and very different in others.  For some their desire to submit is 24/7 and others it's just in the bedroom.  But for what I'd call, True Submissives, it's 24/7.  Part of being spanked for them is a feeling of being taken care of.  Part of it is simply knowing they need discipline and deserve what's about to happen.

I suppose I'm like many, or most, who are into the spanking scene when it comes to everyday life.  I can find myself in a Mall somewhere, grocery store or even a hardware store and wonder how many of us in the store are into spanking naughty bottoms or getting their naughty bottoms spanked.

Recently I was in an auto parts store picking up a brake part for my truck.  The woman at the counter was very flirtatious but in a submissive manner.  Working around men I could imagine she has to stand her ground, so to speak, so she's one of the guys.  But at the same time I could sense her desire to be taken and dominated.   

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