Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taken in Hand!

I have found that there are quit a few different kinds of submissives.  There are submissives who expect to be taken in hand, turned over their man's lap and spanked for their bad behavior.  For those sub's it's simply a way of life.  They don't find it abusive in anyway to be spanked soundly.  For them it's just how it should be.  I've found that those submissives don't like the idea of being spanked but accept it like breathing air.

Then there are submissives who want to be spanked for the same reason above but also find it stimulates them beyond control.  It cleanses them of their bad behavior and shields them from the world but then they find that at some point during their spanking they reach a euphoric state of eroticism. 

Some submissives want to choose what they get spanked for and others are willing to surrender full control of their behavior to their Dom's.  Personally I am not out to watch every move my submissive(s) make and then spank them when they stray.  I do have an everyday life to live.  I've met plenty of submissives who want that kind of lifestyle though.  Having to ask permission for everything they do would wear me out quick.

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  1. Well, you know, there's that line between being a true submissive and then going as far as being (or feeling like they are) owned. If that is their mindset or the path they feel they should take, then those submissives truly need a dominant man in their life who has as a strong primal need to own and direct their subs.

    You sound like one who prefers a submissive who is still capable of thinking - and behaving properly ;)

    I think perhaps that I am like the second type of submissive you describe. Nice post. It's refreshing to get a simple perspective from a dominant man. Thank you.



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