Friday, April 29, 2011

Bad Grades from Rose

When it comes to school all that has been asked of Rose is that she keep up her grades.  An occasional C once in awhile is not the end of the world.  However, getting a report card from school showing 4 C's is just not acceptable.

Rose has been out jogging with friends when she comes home to pick up something and then leave again.  Little does she know dad has gotten her grades and is not at all pleased with the report.

Rose forgets her front door key and dad lets her in, discusses her report and her mistake was to sass.  Most of the time what gets Rose into bigger trouble is her sass.

With 2 of her friends still outside waiting for Rose to come back, dad puts her across his lap right there at the inside hall and begins her over the knee spanking.

First her spanking is over her far too tight white shorts.  Then they come down to her ankles for awhile and then her panties go down to her knees.

Oh, if she'd only just accept her discipline instead of sassying things would go so much better for her.

Once dad's hand begins to land soundly on her exposed bottom, Rose begins to submit to his authority like she should.

Rose, because of her sass, has more coming.  Dad tells her to call her friends outside to tell them she'll be awhile.  After making the call she goes, once again, over dad's lap for more correction.

Dad decides she's not learning her lesson and it's to his bedroom for the rest of her spanking.

Finally, the red that dad needs to see her bottom produce from the palm of his hand is there and her tears are finally flowing.

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