Monday, April 4, 2011

Ember hates the diaper position!

I suppose, like other spankers, I generally start out the spanking with a good Over The Knee spanking.  Ember, like most submissives likes the idea that I start out over the clothing.  However, to get the point across one has to spank just a bit harder so it sinks through the clothing.

Then when the dress is lifted and I can see her reddish behind accented by her white panties I know I've done a good job in warming her bottom.

A good minute or two, or three, of smacks over the panties and before I know it her white little bottom starts turning the desired color.

Eventually, the panties must always come down.  You can't give a good sound spanking to a naughty girl if her panties stay up.  The spanker has to be able to apply the palm of the hand, or implement, evenly so there is no one area of the bottom that's been missed or had to much impact.

I've discovered over the years that the diaper position is one of the least favorite positions for submissives and Ember is no different.  She dreads hearing me tell her to get into that position and you can hear it in her voice every time on videos where she's in that position.

For me, it's a favorite, as I believe it is for most Spankers.

I ordered Rose into the room to hold up Ember's legs by the ankles and I finished her spanking in the diaper position with a nice solid wooden paddle.

The spanking would have been over after the diaper position but she mouthed off and I needed to put her over my knee again and finish with a sound hand blistering.  When will they ever learn?  Check out our Spank Her 4 Real Videos page to see a demo clip of this spanking.

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