Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ember's Emergency Number

Ember is rarely, if ever, late for work. Plus she only misses work when she's sick and always calls in. She has to, she's a school teacher. However, this time she was seriously late to the point that the school called her emergency phone number. You guessed it, it's dad's number. She made it to work but failed to call him and let her know she was alright. Dad was worried all day and even called hospitals. Ember would never not call him to let her know she was fine. Well, guess what happens!

First, to get his point across, dad uses his belt.

After giving her his belt dad pulls Ember off the bed, puts her across his knee and begins bringing home the point some more.

Now with her bottom having a nice red glow dad decides something new is in order.

Now the ping pong paddle.  This should work nicely.

It doesn't take many swats and Ember begins feeling the fire on her already reddened behind.

Dad decides to now drive home the point that she's been a naughty girl and Ember begins her lap dance.

The kicking does no good in regard to the paddle coming down on her bottom but it helps her take away the sting to some degree.

With no where to go because of dad's strong firm grip Ember kicks and pleads for her spanking to stop.

But dad will having nothing to do with her crying and pleading.  It will be over when he decides it's over.

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