Saturday, April 2, 2011

Giving her what she needs!

There are wants and there are needs.  We want a lot of things and work to get them but most of us forget about getting what we need.  We need a place to live or we're homeless.  We need to eat or we starve to death.  Everyone, I would imagine has a list of needs they've either written down or have committed to memory.

What every submissive needs is discipline.  They don't always like it, that's for sure but they do need it.  I must admit I'm amazed at times when I give my submissive(s) that look of dissatisfaction about something she's done or is doing.  She stops dead in her tracks and her mind races to find out what it was that caused me to give her that look.  At that moment her whole demeanor changes.  In milliseconds her brain is reminding her of the last spanking she received, the position, severity and how long she couldn't sit afterward.  And in that millisecond she's deciding if what she just did was worth going through that again.

Within seconds after realizing she could very well be in trouble I can see in her body language and face that if I took her by the hand, started walking into the men's bathroom at the mall, or in church even, she'd follow along knowing a spanking was forthcoming.  

It's been my experience too that in truth they wish that scenario could actually take place in REAL life.  The reason I say that is because the drive home from where ever we are is worse than the spanking they get after we get through the door.  They would much rather get spanked right then and there than go through that period of time after the offense and just before they're about to go over my lap.

It's not always what they want but it is what they need, and they know it.  I have often wondered, as I walk a shopping mall or grocery store, how many submissives would be getting spanked if the world accepted spanking as I(we) do.  Am I alone in this thought or are there others who have thought the same thing?


  1. absolutely you know us well

  2. This is a great blog entry. I've wondered the same thing when I'm in a public place. I watch for telltale signs that submissives give to their tops. Things like nervous laughter and shuffling their feet when they knew they are going to get it when they get home. The waiting is the hard part, the spanking is just the final act.



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