Monday, April 18, 2011

It's Not My Mess!

Rose can be the sweetest girl and other times she can push buttons.

The neighbor's dog keeps getting into the trash and Rose was asked to clean up the mess.  Instead she decided she wanted to lay around the house all day in her pj's since it was Saturday.

Turns out it wasn't the smartest thing to do.

Let alone talk back and openly defy orders to clean up the mess.

She once again finds out what happens when she doesn't do what she's told.

Once again, mostly do to her sassy mouth, the panties come down and it's time for her bottom to get turned red.

Then she's told, after her first spanking, to go out and clean up the mess like she was told to begin with.

Rose isn't at all happy about being ordered to clean up the mess with her red bottom exposed so the neighbor might see what happens to naughty girls who don't do what they're told.

After cleaning up the mess her attitude got her into even more hot water and getting a hotter bottom was next.

Tired of her sass a paddle is used to help drive home the point and it's decided that she hasn't been keeping up with shores either.

After the belt is used it's off to other rooms in the house that she's neglected to keep clean.

After getting spanked in the bathroom it's to the living room.

Rose is no stranger to getting put over a knee and spanked til she cries either.

It all started with her being asked to clean up some trash and now it's led to her bottom turning nice and red.

The last stop is the kitchen where her final lesson should sink in.  No pun intended.

After her spanking Rose goes to her room to finish crying over being a naughty spanked girl.

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