Thursday, April 21, 2011

Naughty Neighbor Taylor

The neighbor, Taylor, has a dog that keeps getting into the trash cans and Rose is always having to clean up after it. Rose finally leaves a note for her to come over and talk to dad. Taylor discovers Rose's dad still spanks Rose and she finds that if she doesn't take care of her dog getting into the trash she's going to get spanked. She apologizes and says she'll take care of it as she leaves dad's house. The idea of getting spanked was too arousing for her and 10 minutes later she's back asking for a spanking. But afterward and during her spanking she wants to give dad a handjob and blowjob too, to thank him for punishing her. 

The idea of being spanked again swirled through Taylor's mind when she returned to her house.  It didn't take long for her to realize that a good sound spanking would do her good.  When she returned Ron was a bit surprised but more so when she explained that she would submit to him giving her a spanking.  He agreed and sent her to his room.

At 29 Taylor was not new to the idea of being spanked.  Her late husband spanked her regularly when they first met when she was 20 and since his dead she has deeply missed a masculine hand of authority baring down and smacking away at her naughty bottom.

To Taylor, sliding across the lap of a man who knows how to punish naughty women makes her feel taken care of.  She knows it's going to sting and that crying may even be involved but for her, that's a good thing.  Submitting to a man like Ron is her desire in life and what she feels she was born to do.

When she feels his strong hands grab her panties and pull them down Taylor can't help but begin to get wet.  "Here it comes," she thinks to herself.  Callused flesh smacking against her tender white and exposed bottom takes her mind to another place.

Then there's the added bonus of Ron's voice as he scolds her and tells her how much she needs the spanking she's getting.  When he straddles her across his thigh she can't help but moan as each smack stimulates her over and over.

She doesn't want to cry, it feels too good.  She wonders if she should cry but instead places her hand behind her.  With no effort Ron grabs her hand to hold it tight and continues smacking without missing a beat.

She is totally subdued now and where she wants to be.  She doesn't work, or try, to be naughty but when she is, the thought of a man punishing her the way Ron can gives her a rush and pleasure that few women experience.

With her bottom a bright red and even showing bruises her spanking is over.  She's allowed to stand and feel the heat emulating from her behind but she can't help wanting more.  Her late husband would allow her to pleasure him after spankings as a way for her to thank him for being man enough to take care of her.  She wanted to do the same for Ron and timidly says the words.

Concerned that Taylor's request is to mostly fulfill her desires and not his he warns her that more spanking could ensue if she doesn't perform to his satisfaction.  She wants to be good but she wants to be spanked more too.  She want to feel her hands around him and have him deep inside her mouth but wants to feel his large hand once again smacking her naked and exposed bottom.

She decides she'll do her best and leave it up to him as to whether more punishment is needed.  Her place, she knows, is to thank him for being a man and giving her what she needed by pleasuring him anyway he wants.

He doesn't fully know it but she is his toy and his pleasure.  She has surrendered herself to him and wants to please him like no other woman has.  She realized this before she came back to the house.

It's been over a year but she remembers like it was yesterday how to please a man.  She loves the idea of kneeling before the man who has given her a freshly spanked bottom.  She feels like a woman again, like she's been taken care of again.

She slips her wet lips around him and gently places the palms of her hands on his skin.  She's so wet she's dripping and can't help but moan as he's inside her.

She slides him deep inside her and then out to just the head.  Over and over she brings him closer to his climax.  She is told her mouth is not to leave him unless she's told to or she will be spanked. But excited to respond she says, "Yes sir," as he leaves her mouth.  She thinks, "What have I done."  And within seconds she finds out that his words were true.

He sits on the bed and pulls her close then true to his words spanks her more.  At first not thrilled by the spanking she realizes he is a man of his word so she finds excitement in feeling his palm once again smacking her flesh.

After he feels she's learned that lesson she is told to continue.

She's been well spanked and taught how to serve Ron's desires.  She tells him she is his and wants him to train her to fulfill his desires.  She tells him her desire is to submit to his punishment as well.

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