Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rose, in the tails of Rose & Ember

Texting & Driving

There is nothing that will get Rose a spanking quicker than me finding out she's been Texting while driving.

Like most young people today she thinks she's immune to getting into an accident because she can multitask better than most. 
She may be able to multitask but when I find out she's been texting and driving she finds that sitting in the car and driving for the next few days reminds her that texting is NOT something she wants to do.
She finds it funny that I won't even talk on the phone and drive.  Claiming it's because of my age.  Along with age should come wisdom and I have the wisdom enough to know that it only takes a second to be distracted and it could all be over.
There are no exceptions with me when it comes to texting.  If I find out she's texting she gets spanked plain and simple.
If I found out she was texting everyday while she drives then everyday she would get paddled.  However, I have found with Rose that a good sound spanking detours her from the behavior. 
What tends to still get her into trouble is her sassy mouth.  She was spanked, not only for texting, but for her attitude with the police officer who stopped her.  I wouldn't mind a bit if driving licenses had a box where it could be checked for police officers to view whether or not they have permission to give a good paddling to young people.  It's not that way so the paddling for Rose comes from me later.
Blistering her sassy bottom after finding out she's been texting and driving is far less severe than her getting into an accident she might not come home from.
As always she thinks it's no big deal until her bottom starts burning and she begins to realize driving and texting isn't such a good idea.  Neither is mouthing off to police officers merely doing their job.
I always know my point is getting across to her when the hand starts coming back to protect her bottom.  However, in this paddling her hand got smacked a few times when it got in the way.
Her long red hair in pig tails provided an excellent way to grab her and keep her in a position of punishment until I was thoroughly done.  
Making sure there's a solid reminder the next time she even gets in her car to drive and even think about texting is a message I wanted her to remember.
If I find out again that she's texting and driving I'm going to follow through with weekly maintenance spankings designed to keep her safe and bottom continually sore.

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