Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tayor's Training Session

It has been my experience that many submissives, or perhaps most, welcome being trained by their Dominant.   Instead of the Dom saying, "This is what I like," or "This is what I don't like," most submissives would rather be taught what it is that's expected of them.

Taylor is a submissive who came to us wanting me to train her in "How to please her Dom".

A first mistake she made was to go into the bathroom and pleasure herself after her first session.  She was caught and spanked for failing to get permission to pleasure herself.

Then while giving head she was allowed to pleasure herself.

However, like all submissives she failed to keep me in her mouth and was again spanked.

She was then sent to the kitchen to put Olive oil into bowl, bring it back into the bedroom and use it pleasuring with a handjob.

Olive oil is a wonder lubricate for such things because the submissive can easy go into her blowjob.

In training a submissive it is always important to reward her with pleasure as well.  Taylor was instructed to lay on her back while I fingered her.  Believe me her moaning throughout the clip was never fake.

During the pleasuring process it is imperative to remind your submissive who is in charge and that a spanking is always around the corner.  

Taylor's biggest desire to swallow.  But as always, in training a submissive, she must first experience her Dom cuming on her face.  She did this in total submission and welcomed it completely.  Perhaps in her next training session she will be allowed to swallow for the first time.

Taylor's Training Session
Leaving off from "Naughty Neighbor" Taylor goes into the bathroom to pleasure herself with a toy. Ron comes in, not realizing she's in there, and catches her. She is scolded and once again spanked for her naughty behavior in his house. Then he realizes she needs to be trained and she wants him to train her too. Thus begins Part 1 of how to train a submissive.

Implement(s): Hand
Position(s): OTK, Spanked in Diaper position, Spanked standing.
Time/Price: 18 min / $19.99
Purchase Clip: Clips4Sale or Spankinglibrary


  1. Thank you sooo much for sharing your spanking's with us all. It's great to see the sexual energy you two have. xoxo

  2. Holy...

    Wow, this is hot. Thanks for sharing it!

  3. I know you've said you don't see much point in cornertime, but what do you think about leaving her for some time in front of a mirror with cum still on her face? I found the effect on a sub who similarly would prefer to swallow, to be very interesting indeed.



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