Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Preventive Maintenance

Over the years I seen proof that if you keep up the maintenance of a car, or power tool, for example it has a much greater tendency to operate better.  Plus, it gives it a longer life as well.  If you don't change the oil in your car the car doesn't run as it should.  If you don't take care of power tools then they break down more often.

When you apply the same idea to a submissive, or an adult daughter, you'll find that is true for them as well.  Both, I have found need, that regular maintenance spanking to keep them in line and understanding who is in charge.

It can be a simple over the knee spanking that lasts 5 or 10 minutes without any scolding.

It's purpose is to simply drive home that fact that disobedience will not be tolerated and when ever a defiant behavior is displayed a spanking is forthcoming.

Some may argue that the submissive would say it doesn't prevent them from getting out of line because they're going to get a spanking whether they've done something wrong or not.   So, you might as well do something to deserve it anyway.

However, if a weekly maintenance spanking is needed I have found that there is little cause for any additional spankings through the week.

I've discovered that once is enough and it always stands as a good reminder not to push any button and cross any boundaries.

It's especially effective for the next few days afterward because I tend to hear, "Yes, sir," far more than I do without the weekly maintenance spanking.

After the spanking is over there's always a huge and life goes on, better.

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