Saturday, May 21, 2011

Taylor, mow your lawn!

There are times when I fail to understand why, after telling a young woman to do a most reasonable thing, it is put off until a good ol' fashion spanking is needed.  I had told Taylor that her yard was looking a bit shaggy and it needed to be mowed.  Instead of doing it within the next few days, or even a week later, she put it off for over a month.

Then, as though she's been taking lessons from Rose on how to be sassy, I get an attitude from her too.

I've learned quickly that attitude is something I need to address right away.

So it's down with the pants and over my knee.

First, the spanking is for not doing what she was told in the first place and that is getting her lawn mowed.

Second, her spanking is for her attitude about when she should get it taken care of.

She's done really well with keeping her dogs from getting into the trash so that spanking worked well.

She had plenty of time, I allowed her a month to take care of her lawn and now it's time for a spanking again.

 Then, as if her first spanking wasn't enough she comes back in and displays more attitude.

Not to mention dressed in a skirt that looks like she's going out to a night club.

Again, like she's been taking lessons from Rose on how to sass she displays an attitude I won't tolerate

So, the skirt goes up, the panties go down and my work begins.

It's clear to me that Taylor once again needs more training too.  So, after this spanking she's sent into my room for yet another lesson on how to submit.

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