Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reasons to spank.

There are many reasons to spank, depending on who you talk to, submissive or Dominant.  Many Dom's have a list to go by and insist on their submissives strictly following it.  Many submissives want the list so they know what not to do, or what to do, to get a spanking.

Me, I'm not much of a list guy.  I don't believe in high maintenance.  In short, if you do what you've been asked to do and act responsible then no spanking.  My general rule is that if I tell a submissive about a behavior I don't want to see them doing and they have to be told twice not to do the behavior, then, the third time they get spanked.  And in addition anytime they display the behavior again they are spanked.

Then there is behavior they should be doing and if they've been told two times to do it and don't then the third time they are spanked.  And of course they are spanked every time after that too.  For me, it's all pretty cut and dry.  I get a kick out of reading statements and questions on different spanking social sites about what is and isn't how spankings should happen or what submissives should and shouldn't be spanked for.  It's all so individual.  How can there be a set rule applied across the board for everyone?

For example spankings, at some point, must always be on the bare bottom.  I have a pretty strong swing and if I'm spanking over clothing I can't tell how hard I'm applying the palm of my hand.  I may start out over clothing, at times, but in the end it's always finished with a bare bottom.

I find myself irritated with other Dom's who make it a point to find reasons to spank.  I never have to make up reasons to spank or look hard for reasons to spank.  Submissives just simple do things, or don't do things, that causes them to get spanked.  It's who they are.  What's not good for them is when you don't spank, or stop spanking.  It's not necessarily that they want to be spanked.  It's more that they know that they need to be spanked.


  1. Your sooo very right that each submissive is different and different rules apply on weather to spank that submissive for their behavior or lack of behavior that you as a Dom/Daddy/Spanker expect of your submissive/bottom/little...

  2. as a brat i don't see myself as a submissive - i am a spankee sure - but i am not submissive to my Toppy Person - we have a r/l relationship too.



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