Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another Dominant's Perspective

Many years ago I was a submissive and wanted to be spanked for two reasons.  One was to purge me of a guilty conscience and the other was that I really enjoyed it.  Then, one day I met a couple and he wanted me to top his submissive.  After that I was forever a Dominant.

So, for me, I know both worlds.  The desires of the submissive and of course the Dominant.  Personally, I think that makes a better Dom.  I've met really young Dom's in their twenties who were just Dom's because they weren't submissives.  Their world is made up of trying to boss others around and think that makes them a Dom.

When I was a submissive I would have never thought of being topped by someone around my age.  They had to be older by at least 15 years or so.  Today I am mostly, in Real Life, Domestic Discipline.  The wonderful woman I'm with gets spanked for being defiant or for disobeying me but it's not like she gets spanked everyday or even once a month.  She gets spanked when a spanking is called for and she never has to worry about me trying to find something to spank her 4.

Our videos stay in the Real part of life.  We don't sit around an make up things that submissives should be spanked for.  What happens is they do something that causes them to get spanked for Real.

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