Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Freedom in a Good Sound Spanking!

Through the years I've heard submissives say they don't always like the spankings they get but do accept the fact that they need and deserve them.

They don't especially like the hours, minutes or even seconds leading up to the moment they go across the lap and their bottoms are bared.   But in the back of their mind they do want the spanking, even if and when it's unpleasant.

Why?  Because there's freedom in it.  They are freed from the anxiety of what will happen to the now it is happening.  But most important there is freedom from guilt.  Now, finally, they are being punished for their offense and "This too shall pass".

The point when their shorts and panties have slid down to their ankles and their spanking is fully underway, so too is their freedom

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