Monday, August 1, 2011

Smiling during spanking?

Okay, you've seen them.  Picture after picture of girls bent over a man or woman's lap and they're smiling.  Or better yet you see it in the video.  I don't get it myself.  To me a girl smiling at the camera while she's getting spanked is plain silly and obviously posed.

So if you get a chance vote on what you think.


  1. For me, it depends upon the circumstances!! Is the spanking for punishment or "funishment"? Is it playful or role-play?


  2. I would think if it was for "funishment" there would be smiling and a playful attitude. I didn't think I'd have to spell it out.

  3. I smile - and laugh - often during a spanking. They're fun! I like to see pictures of girls smiling while OTK because it underlines the consensual and fun aspect of it. Most of Dave Wolfe's cartoons show smiling spankees.


  4. I love Dave Wolfe's cartoons! And cartoons smiling seems to go with what he draws.



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