Thursday, August 18, 2011

Spank Her 4 Real Forum

So I've been joining "Spanking Forums" as a way of connecting with other spankos and as a way to network and advertize SpankHer4Real videos. I've also joined Yahoo Groups that pertain to spanking as well.  But on many of the forums I've joined they bump me off after I post a thread to one of our videos.  Now understand, if they have a problem with Spanking Sites posting on threads then I don't join.  However, when I see there are multiple postings with a wide variety of Spanking Site threads then, to me, it seems okay to post a thread.

But alas, it seems many of the forums are exclusive to posting spanking clips that point to their sites.  Many spanking forums also have multiple BDSM stuff going on too.  So, I started my own "Forum" called, what else, Spankher4Real Forum.  So just click the link and join if you'd like.  My only rules so far are "No posting of Minor Content" and I'd like to keep it just for those into Spanking.

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