Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wild Horses Monument

Just after going East, over the Columbia River, on I-90 in Vantage Washington you can look off to the top of a hill and see this.  From the highway they appear to be real horses but they aren't.  So of course Ember wanted to pull off to the monument's parking lot so she could climb to the top and take a look at them up close.

Parking lot view of the Columbia River
View from the monument looking down at the parking lot and Columbia River

It was an absolutely beautiful day and the only clouds in the sky were far away.  Umm, that rhymed!  I'm a poet and didn't know it!  Okay anyway, once she was at the top she got a better view of the horses and this is how they look up close.

I simply don't understand why people have to do that.  Who ever did it must not have been spanked when they were younger because they should no better.  For those who want to take pictures up close it's nearly impossible unless you shoot at just the right angle.  Anyway, it's just one more reason someone like myself spanks.


  1. You are right Sir, whoever did that deserved a whipping! Very nice pics though.

  2. The horses are so impressive and realistic from a distance. Imagine, a hundred years ago you would have seen real horses up there.


  3. I have seen these horses several times and I didn't know you could go up there that close. I can believe people write on them simply because there are those out there who don't have a clue. What nonsense.



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