Sunday, September 25, 2011

Her Guilty Conscience gets Her everytime!

For many submissives and Dom's spanking is a game.  However, for many spanking is a way of life and how naughty behavior is corrected.  I was laying in bed last night, just about to fall into la la land when my wife came into the room and snuggled up to me in bed.  She started talking a little about her day, which I thought at the time was odd because I'd already heard about her day.

That's when she sprang the news about taking something from a store.  She wasn't totally clear whether she intentionally took it or it just happened to find its way in her pocket and didn't get paid for at the counter.  So the item was $3.99 and she worked hard to justify that it didn't cost much, the store has items donated to it anyway so they got it for free and that she needed the item but didn't have enough to pay for it.

So what would you do?  I'm going to post a Poll about this to see what you, the reader, think should happen.  The Poll will only be up for 10 or so hours.


  1. When a bottom or submissive comes to a top or dom to confess it is because they feel guilty. I can think of one good way to help her out of that guilt.

  2. My lil one knows that the f word and stealing are two things that will NOT be tolerated period . Both will bring a sound session with the strap and a night grounded to her room .

  3. Spank her and then have her go back to the store with her receipt and the item and say, "I noticed I wasn't charged for this." She should pay for the item, while still feeling the effects of the spanking. (And without facing any shoplifting charges.)

    All forgiven then.

    Giving you a handjob doesn't make things right in her world, although it's a game that might feel good to you. :)



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