Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Nu-West spankings.

"Five women spanked out behind the shed" now there's a title.  Ed Lee spanks Jodi, Kristy and Nikki.  Then Jodi spanks Tabatha and then Karen spanks Katie.

What I liked about this one was the no-nonsense march the girl outside, put her across the lap and spank her bottom.

There's just something about spanking outside that's thrilling to me.  As a viewer I really get the impression that I'm someone walking by and come across these girls getting spanked.

Sometimes the best spanking scenes are the one that haven't been given a whole lot of thought.  It's just here's what we're going to do and let's do it.

So for a video that has 5 women getting no-nonsense spankings this is the one from Nu-West.

My goal is to capture exciting spanking opportunities whether outside or in the house.  The thrill of seeing a naughty bottom getting spanked, when captured just right, can end up being a classic.

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