Tuesday, October 11, 2011


 Nichole's bottom needed some firm attention and that's just what she got in her first training session.

In other words, she asked for it and she got it.  You don't want to tell me that you want to be trained and then expect not to get spanked.  On the contrary.  The spankings are very much a part of the training. 

Nichole had been fantasizing about me training her and when I walked in on her fingering herself I was to say the least upset with her behavior.  She had spent the weekend as Rose's guest and I didn't expect to be training her.

She's expected to give me a weekly report on her activities so I'll see this weekend if more spanking is in order.

I demo of her spanking has been uploaded to Spankingtube but it hasn't shown up yet so keep checking with Spankingtube and it has to show up sometime.

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