Saturday, October 29, 2011

A thought on Domestic Discipline

I was at work just shooting the breeze with a fellow worker and mentioned that I had dinner late the night before.  He is in his late 20's and thinks a bit differently about things, mostly because he's much younger than I am.  Anyway, he asked why and I told him my wife was out running errands.  I knew his next statement would be, "So why didn't you make dinner yourself?"

I suppose I wanted to see what his reaction would be so I said, "That's not my job.  I have my job and my wife has hers."  I wanted to go further and say that when my wife doesn't do her job, at home, she is put across my lap and spanked but I refrained.

His reaction was exactly what I thought it would be when he replied, "What!  You're kidding right?  Are your hands broken that you can't fix your own dinner?"  Now to me his statement comes from a young person who has been, dare I say, brainwashed.  I grew up totally believing in equal rights and women's emancipation.  At my house, growing up, it was like "Meat Head" (Me) and "Archie Bunker" (my father).  We were always getting into it because he was really old fashion and I was a new thinker.

But along life's journey something happened.  It happened just after my first marriage ended when a bill collector came after me for a bill that my ex-wife and I signed on.  The person stated that they always come after the "Head of the House" for the payment.  Head of the house?  That was my first big slap in the face that you can talk equal rights all you want but there was nothing equal about this bill collector coming after my money and not hers.
That's when I started realizing that men and women aren't equal, we're different.  Now I don't mean that women are less than men and that men are better than women.  What I mean is that we are different.  It took years of realizing first hand how true that statement is.

Eventually I came to the realization that since the world recognized me, the husband, as the head of the house then I should start acting like one.  In other words I was the one responsible, in the end, for how things in my household go or turn out.  For me it makes total sense.  When I wasn't being the head of the house I could blame most of the problems in my relationships and household on let's just say, not me.  But now, and it's been this way for years, the buck stops here.

So, if I come home from a 10 hour day's work and dinner isn't being prepared or ready when I get home then something needs to change.  My wife needs to schedule her time better so dinner is ready.  Again, I have my job and she has hers.  If I don't do my job then a plethora of things could happen, not to mention losing my job.  If she doesn't do her job she simply gets put across my lap and spanked.  I think she's got it better off.


  1. I think this is very well expressed. I love your blog!

  2. I think the days of the 50s household need to come back big time. I too am not against women's lib and all that, but I too am old enough to remember the days of the man taking care of the woman, the man being the breadwinner, and the man being king of his castle.It worked well then and it would work much better now.

  3. Well said!
    I have a blog of my own pretty much stating the following...
    Personally, I'm an anti-feminist. Having been a single mom, I'm grateful for women being able to be independent. However, the world is much better when one part of a couple is a homemaker. A home should be a haven, not a place of bickering. Children should come home to a parent, not a TV.
    I've gone off on a tangent...Either way, great blog!



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