Thursday, November 17, 2011

I spank my wife too!

I go through the day listening to other men I work with talk about their wives or girlfriends and I hear the same thing, always.  One of the guys sat down in the kitchen, I suppose, and had his wife cut his hair.  This was last weekend.  Well, let's just say, he now looks like a P.O.W.  Now he claims she was upset at him and I suppose that could be justified, being upset at him I mean.  However, cutting off his hair to the point where he was almost bald is not a good way to release her frustration or anger.  If my wife had done that she wouldn't be sitting for awhile.  I mean really, do you think she should be able to sit after doing something like that?

Another guy said his wife surprised him last Friday by getting her hair cut above the shoulders.  Now that would upset me like you can't believe.  I mean I don't go around with a heavy hand and spank over every little thing.  But when it comes to my wife's long beautiful hair she needs to discuss cutting it before she goes out and does it.

She does a hundred things in her day that don't cause her to think whether she'd get spanked for doing it.  It's the other few things that at times trips her up.  Some might think it's not fair but she was pro getting spanked even before we met so it's really never a surprise.

I really think that if more wives got there naughty butts spanked the world would be a better place. 

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  1. Why, if this is all in innocence and love, do you spank while naked with other girls other than your wife? It's one thing to fill the father role for others who have lacked it, but add sexuality into encounters with others during , what us supposed to be loving discipline? And even fantasizing about little 19 year old girls learning to do fellatio on you? Terribly disturbing and undermines what I thought was a loving Dd relationship with your wife.... I am confused....



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