Monday, November 28, 2011

It's all around you

It seemed like the day I really embraced being a spanker it was all around me.  I remember so vividly being over at my sister's house, some 25+ years ago, and her husband giving her a spanking for the house not being cleaned up.  It was a real spanking and not just a spanking for fun in front of me.  Then didn't realize I was there.  I had stayed with them for a few weeks and had come home from work to hear my sister pleading as smacks came down on her covered backside.

There was another time when I had met a southern bell who wanted to be with me in the worst way.  I wasn't at all interested at the time because of other things going on in my life at the time.  I finally, thinking it was a way of getting rid of her, said, "Look you wouldn't like me once you get to know me.  Because the first time you disobey me and not do what you're told I'll blister you naked bottom."  I was expecting her to say, "I'm out of here," but instead, with her Southern drawl replied, "Well of course."  Needless to say she wasn't lying.  Long story short she got her bottom blistered several times during our year together.  She wasn't at all used to getting spanked and then fucked either and once that happened she was forever hooked.

I hear, or read, of many Submissives and Dominants who seem to not be able to find someone.  I have to say that sometimes it's just a matter of sitting back and listening to what's already in your life.  Sometimes we want something so bad we miss the obvious.


  1. Do go into more detail of your sisters spanking, sounds too good of a story not to hear!!!!!

  2. There's no more detail to go into Bigg5414.



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