Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nichole's Confession

Nichole, like many naughty young ladies, can't go very long with a guilty conscience.  At some point she has to tell on herself, or confess things she's been doing that she shouldn't be doing.  In this clip Nichole has been leaving candles burning and the wax drips all the way to her rug.  If that wasn't enough the candles could start a fire and the consequences could be devastating.

Needless to say Nichole's spanking will be a reminder every time she sits down for the next few days that burning candles irresponsibly and leaving lights on day and night gets her a very sore bottom.

Nichole experiences standing in front of the fireplace, where candle wax has also dripped, and more swats to her reddening behind.

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  1. Very good posts. Who takes the pictures btw? Very good angles, the first picture on top is very arousing, it shows the sassy girls body well horizontal, and I like the way you hold her with your free hand, at the same time getting very close to her mount and for sure stroking it some. and/or checking out whether she gets wet. Congrats.

  2. The pictures are stills from our video "Nichole's Confession"



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