Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nichole's good sound spanking!

Nichole gets spanked for getting Fired!
Sometimes naughty young ladies need their bottom's to burn for quit awhile. Nichole had been told time and time again to not be late for work. Then the day came when she was late for the last time and lost her job. Now she not only has to look for a new job but also has to get a sound spanking for getting fired because of her constant lateness

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  1. I have to laugh at these spanking videos, none that I've seen including this one could possibly be real. When I get spanked my husband is ticked off at me, it's fast, hard and hurts like hell. I don't get time between swats to collect myself before the next one and I'm pleading and crying. Thankfully it's not often.

  2. I don't pay too much attention to responses from comments made by "Anonymous". Who knows, you could be a competitor just wanting to make a bad review about our videos.



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