Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I give two kinds of spankings.

I give two kinds of spankings, generally.  One is the sound and hard spanking from beginning to end.  The other is more of a warm up spanking and ends sound and hard.  My wife like neither of them but accepts which ever spanking I'm going to give her.

Because her spanking are real she doesn't like to be told at noon, from a text when I'm at work, that she's going to get a spanking when I get home.  She gets filled with anxiety and thinks about it so much that she can't get anything else done.  

It's best that when I wake up in the morning, around 3:30 to get ready for work, and see she failed to do something she was told to do that I wait until I get home.  She wants her spanking fairly quick after she's been told that one is due.  A big part of it is that she feels she's disappointed me and doesn't want to feel that for very long.  If she's told early in the morning that a spanking is due when I get home then that disappointment and anxiety is terrible.

Her spankings are great therapy because once she gets spanked for something, she usually does really well to not repeat what she did or failed to do. 

After her spanking is over she is very quick to wrap her arms around my neck and hug me tight.  I would imagine those who don't understand Domestic Discipline at all would be more inclined to leap of my lap and run.  But then they wouldn't have gotten across my lap to begin with and I certainly wouldn't have put them there.


  1. How exquisite! Your wife's lovely bottom is beautifully presented for her punishment. I wish I was standing behind her and able to smack those delightful cheeks, one hand on each cheek. What a resounding smack that would create!

  2. Well, I have read your blogs and I agree with you. This lifestyle is not for everyone, and those that aren't into it, shoudl just watch befroe they form opinions. It sounds to me like you and your wife have a very healthy and loving relationship.



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