Monday, December 26, 2011

My Christmas Gift!

This Christmas was a very good Christmas for my household.  I've had steady work in the industry I work in for the last 4 months compared to last year there was no work.  The best gifts for us this year have been that we've been able to pay the bills on time.

Christmas dinner was great and I took a pretty long nap too.  I woke up to hear the girls playing the new Wii game and that was a nice sound to wake up to.
I'm sure I speak for all Americans when I say my hope for next year is a much improved economy.  They've been calling this the Great Recession but I don't at all see what was so great about it.  Seriously, I do hope this next year is better for everyone.

So my gift for Christmas this year was laughter and joy and the company of loved ones.  I hope yours was a good or better.

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