Friday, December 2, 2011

Nichole's behavior is improving

What a difference a spanking, or two, makes.  Nichole first came to me wanting to be trained, and frankly, didn't know all of what that entailed.  For the most part, like other girls her age, she's a pretty good girl.  However, like most girls her age, she needs instruction and guidance that she didn't get at home.

Many girls her age feel that if they bat their eyes and wiggle their bottoms they can pretty much get what they want.  That's generally true for boys but when it comes to men she has a lot to learn.

Nichole has gotten a lot better at just doing and not asking "why".  She's found that asking the "why" gets her bottom extra sore.

She's now gotten to the stage of her training where she realizes that if she confesses first her spanking is much lighter than it would be if she was caught.

Still, the spanking must sting in order to correct her behavior and so far I've only used the palm of my hand to get the point across.

I do like a variety of positions.

And I always like to leave the bottom a nice red.

It does make it hard to sit afterward but then I'm not the one sitting.

A few stills from Nichole's Confession.

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