Saturday, December 10, 2011

To Spank or Not to Spank

Friday morning I left for work with a picture of the living room in my head.  Later, after getting to work I realized I wanted to discuss the living room situation with my household so that it was clear to everyone that empty glasses, opened and read mail, shoes, etc, were picked up every night.  That way I, and everyone else, comes out to a relatively clean living room in the morning.

I later texted my wife to tell her I wanted to talk about the living room when I got home.  It is her responsibility to keep the house in order but others should be putting things away that they use or bring out and not use her as a maid.  So I simply wanted to make that clear.  You bring something into the living room to use, take it away when you're done.  I then received a  text back from her saying, "Does talking about the living room mean OTK?"

She revealed at least on thing when she sent her text to me and that was that she was aware the living room needed attention.  I must say I liked the idea that she thought she was in for a spanking because of the mess in the living room, however, the mess in the living room was caused by others simply not putting their things away so she did not have a spanking coming.  I simply wanted to talk with everyone and I suppose, give warning, that they need to put their things away or there would be some OTK happening when they don't.

So, we get that settled, that I just want to talk and not spank about the living room and no sooner do I get a text saying that she has run out of gas.  Now, here's the thing.  She shouldn't have run out of gas because the vehicle she ran out of gas in wasn't suppose to leave the driveway.  But, because she was running late, she decided that driving just a few miles wouldn't be a big deal.  Apparently, just as she drove into the parking lot it staled and she ran out of gas right then and there.

When I get home from work I'm pretty beat.  My drive home takes about 45 minutes and by the time I peal myself out of the car my body wants to do nothing but shower and rest.  So when it happens that I have to come home, grab a gas can, drive to the gas station and then put gas in a vehicle that shouldn't be where it is when I'm putting gas in it, then I get a tad upset.

You could see it on her face the entire time too.  The question of "Am I going to get spanked here in the parking lot or at home?"  And the "All's well that ends well" stuff that she came up with was priceless too.  By the time it was all over and I drove it back to the driveway of our home I could only think about how much I loved her and that all I would really do was give her a warning that, "Next time I say don't drive the vehicle, don't drive it or your bottom gets blistered."  Now you have to picture that when I said this she was over my lap with her pants still on wondering when they would be coming down and how hard and long the spanking would be.  Instead she gave her uncontrollable nervous giggle of relief after finding out there wasn't going to be a spanking and gave me a huge hug instead.

So I went through all that to tell you that sometimes "Not Spanking" is just as effective as "Spanking".  That's my perspective and I'm sticking to it!

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  1. I think your wife was very fortunate to get away with no spanking. In fact I would like to see her spanked because I wrote to her on her blog but she didn't reply?!



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