Thursday, March 10, 2011

Credit Card

Rose has been the first one to check the mail and make sure she intercepts the credit card bill for the credit card she used while she was away at college. But, it's gotten too big and she can't pay it. She knows she's better off going to dad and telling him about it first before he finds out by himself. She goes to her daddy and makes her confession about the bill, he pays it but is not in the least happy about. He spent 17 minutes on the phone just paying the bill and it's 17 minutes he's never getting back, unless he spends at least that amount of time giving Rose the spanking she deserves. He applies the palm of his hand, a hairbrush and gets down to business with his leather belt too. Rose ends up definitely not able to sit without a pillow in this one.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Daddy, spank me please!

Older sister Ember got a DUI and was court ordered to go to AA meetings. But, she's been missing a few. She realizes she doesn't have the will power to go like she is supposed to so she goes to daddy for help to keep her on track. Less than half way through the spanking she realizes it may have been a bad idea to ask for daddy's help.


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